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Who are Diso®?

We work hard to make sure that your body gets its daily fix of essential vitamins and minerals with the help of our Diso® Strips. That’s right, we don’t believe in letting precious vitamins go to waste, which is why our convenient and tasty Diso® vitamin supplements are designed to be high-absorption, working 3-4 times faster than the methods of traditional health supplements!

Diso® Strips

Certain health supplements can be a hard pill to swallow, literally. But our delicious and convenient Diso® Strips are as straightforward as popping them on your tongue and waiting for them to dissolve.

Diso® Shots

With higher absorbency than tablets, our Diso® Shots are a sweet and effective way to deliver high-strength health supplements.  

Rapid absorption

Sometimes, we struggle to properly nourish our bodies, even when we’re eating all the right things! That’s why our nutritious formulas are packed into innovative delivery systems, proven to ensure the highest absorption possible.

Easy and convenient

A convenient addition to your daily routine, our health supplements can be slipped into your bag or pocket and enjoyed on the go. Integrate Diso® into your daily routine today!

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Backed by Experts

Our team of pharmacists and nutritionists ensure that our health supplements are packed with the most effective ingredients to best benefit your personal well-being, all while keeping them sweet and tasty!

Making use of the latest Absorbatec® technology

Guided by research at every step

At Diso®, we let science lead the way and are always working to deliver the most effective market-leading products to support your health.

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Diso strips have 70% absorption rate...

... based on studies conducted by BioDelivery Sciences International.

9 / 10

Customers recommend Diso Sleep

Of those surveyed, 9/10 Diso Sleep customers recommend the product to their friends & family.

Give your health the helping hand it needs from Diso

Health needs

With a little help from Diso, you can enjoy a massive selection of health and wellness benefits throughout your entire body.

Don’t just take it from us!

Diso® isn’t a vitamin supplement, it’s a lifestyle! Ask one of our many customers who’ve made an active change to rethink nutrition and integrate our health supplements into their daily routine. 

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