Healthy Bones & Teeth

Calcium is essential for guaranteeing both healthy teeth and bones, yet without certain vitamins like D3 and K2, your body simply won’t have the capacity to absorb all of calcium’s valuable properties. This is where our supply of bone health supplements comes in, helping you reap the rewards of that nightly glass of milk you enjoy before bed or that bowl of cereal you start every morning with.  

Our D3 and K2 supplements aren’t our only products keeping your smile happy and healthy, however. Essential nutrients like those found in our vitamin C supplements can also work to promote bone and teeth strength. 

Browse our high-absorption range of supplements for teeth and bones today and enjoy the benefits of their nutrients!

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Diso® M-Vit Multi-Vitamins Supplements
Diso® M-Vit Multi-Vitamins Supplements
Diso® D3+K2 Supplement
Diso® D3+K2 Supplement
Diso® D3+ - Liquid Vitamin D3 Supplement
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Diso® D3+ - Liquid Vitamin D3 Supplement

Our supplements for teeth & bone health

  • Whatever your sport, staying at your strongest is important. Whether you’re a swimmer, a gymnast, or simply burn your calories running for the bus every morning, it’s important to keep those bones in good shape so that you can keep your body fit and healthy for

  • as many years as possible. And don’t forget about those pearly whites! Diso is well-equipped to help you keep that smile shining.

Why choose our teeth and bone health supplements?

  • It’s important to make sure that your body is capable of making the most of your daily dairy supply with the help of vitamins such as Vitamin D. Diso’s supplements for teeth and bones help you absorb the calcium that you put into your body so that you can keep your bones healthy and strong.

  • Whether you prefer the sound of a dissolvable strip or a liquid vitamin, each of Diso’s liposomal products is designed with high absorption being the focus. Using Absorbatec® technology, our experts make sure that you can get the most out of your teeth and bone health supplements.