Gut Health

Make sure your body is getting the most out of every meal with Diso’s range of high-absorption gut health supplements. If your body isn’t capable of proper digestion or able to effectively absorb essential nutrients from meals, what’s the point in eating healthily? 

Equip yourself with the probiotics that you need to promote healthy digestion and maximise your gut health with our selection of healthy gut supplements. Our dissolvable digestive enzyme supplements were designed to help you break down food and regulate your stomach acid in order to support your body in benefitting from everything that you feed it.

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Diso® Hapi Tum Dissolvable Probiotics
Diso® Hapi Tum Dissolvable Probiotics

Our gut health supplements

  • When it comes to maintaining our health in general, a healthy and highly functional gut is integral in more ways than you may know. The gut is responsible for absorbing all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that are a massive part of our diets, so if our gut isn’t

  • performing properly, we lose access to all those tiny parts that keep our motors running! So why not boost the performance of your gut and reap the benefits across your entire body with Diso’s gut supplements?

Why choose Diso’s gut supplements?

  • Our gut health supplements such as the Diso Hapi Tum contain probiotics (live bacteria) to create the perfect environment for proper gut function and digestive enzymes to further support the breakdown of foods. These handy little strips ultimately support your body in making the most out of your diet by making sure that your gut can absorb all of those essential nutrients from your meals.

  • At Diso, we’re all about making sure that your body gets all of those vitamins and nutrients that it needs, which is why our talented team of experts make use of the latest Absortbatec technology to provide dissolvable vitamins and liquid supplements that prioritise high-absorption.