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If you’re losing the battle against exhaustion despite fighting to keep those eyes open, you might benefit from Diso’s range of energy supplements. Take charge of your day and keep your batteries fully powered at all times, because there are so far more exciting things in life than getting back in bed! 

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Our supplements for energy

Keep your energy levels up and squeeze the most out of your day with our range of Diso Strips. A day in the office can be exhausting enough and many of us struggle to make time for exercise, hobbies and friends, in place of just passing out on the sofa. That’s why our fantastic team are doing their best to create the high absorption dissolvable strips that can give you the energy to enjoy all those moments that you’re missing out on! Not leaving yourself time to chug a coffee first thing in the morning? Switch it out for a Diso supplement during your commute!

Products like Diso Energy are stuffed with 50mg of caffeine, as well as essential vitamins like E and B, to offer you that daily pick-me-up and help to convert your meals into the energy that you need, making them the perfect pre-workout supplement. The Diso B12 Supplement also boosts your energy levels by supporting your production of red blood cells, helping oxygen pump right around your body so you can make the most out of your workout.

Our experts are making use of Absorbatec® technology to create high-absorption energy-boosting supplements so that our customers can truly experience the benefits of their daily vitamins.

Helps you convert your food into energy and aids the production of red blood cells.

Supports your body in producing essential vitamins for energy.

High-absorption properties so that you can get the most out of your energy supplements.

Tasty and refreshing flavours in every supplement.

Why choose Diso’s energy supplements?

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