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Meet the team who make it all possible. Our all-star cast of experts have a variety of backgrounds in health and wellness and have come together to design the very best high-absorption dissolvable strips on the market.

Our Experts

Making use of the latest Absorbatec® technology

Guided by research at every step

At Diso®, we let science lead the way and are always working to deliver the most effective market-leading products to support your health.

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Designed to be done your way

Here at Diso, every member of our incredible team is focused on boosting your mental and physical health with the help of our innovative, market-leading products. In combining each of our individual expertise and personal experiences, we’ve truly covered all bases when it comes to creating the perfect high-absorption vitamin strip, fit for daily use. So welcome Diso into your routine, your very own way, and allow us to help boost your spirits however we can.