Rachel Wickenden

Healthcare Expert


  • Level 5 Qualification in Management Within Health and Social Care
  • Certificate in Management from University of Reading.

Rachel’s Background:

My journey in the medical field has been guided by my extensive qualifications and experiences. Holding a Level 5 qualification in management within health and social care, coupled with a background in Business Management from the University of Reading, I’ve cultivated a robust skill set to effectively lead and innovate in this challenging sector.

Furthermore, as a Designated Safeguarding Lead, I am committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all individuals under my care. My multifaceted background equips me with the insight and expertise to navigate the complexities of residential and home care management while striving for continuous improvement and innovation.

What does Rachel love about Diso?:

Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated my career to managing residential and home care services, prioritising the safety and well-being of vulnerable adults. Throughout this time, I’ve witnessed a notable lack of innovation in the industry, particularly concerning solutions for individuals with swallowing difficulties. 

However, my perspective shifted when I was introduced to Diso. Instantly recognising its potential, I saw a revolutionary product that could significantly enhance the support provided to my service users. What’s even more remarkable is that they not only benefit from its functionality but also enjoy its taste, which is a tremendous added bonus.

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