Vitamin D: The Ultimate Guide

Vitamin D: The Ultimate Guide

Mar 24, 2024Jake Townsend

Grey days getting you down? We don't blame you, and neither does science! Winter months can feel especially long and dreary, but our lack of contact with sunlight doesn't help. The sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, is known to directly affect our mental health and keep us smiling. 

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a hormone which our body creates after direct contact with the sunlight. It can also be found in foods like oily fish and eggs and is known to benefit both our mental and physical wellness. So if you’ve been wondering why you’re strangely at your happiest enjoying a pack of sardines in the middle of July, this might just explain why.

What does vitamin D do?

Whilst known for brightening our moods and positively impacting our mental health, vitamin D boasts a range of properties which boost our physical health too. From helping us absorb calcium to preventing bone-related diseases like rickets, vitamin D’s value is truly massive when it comes to supporting our general wellness.

  • Promotes calcium absorption
  • Reduces the risk of depression and regulates mood
  • Supports the strength of teeth and bones
  • Strengthens immune system

What is vitamin D good for?

Vitamin D is vital when it comes to the wellness of our physical and mental health. Supporting the upkeep of strong and healthy teeth and bones is one of vitamin D’s primary roles, but its impact on improving our mental wellness shouldn’t be overlooked.

Vitamin D for mood

Seasonal depression is no joke, and scientists have identified a strong connection between Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly named SAD) and a deficiency of vitamin D. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps in the year’s darker months, a healthy supply of vitamin D could potentially help you out. Vitamin D helps your body produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, which a healthy amount of helps stabilise your mood and generally gets you feeling good. 

Vitamin D for calcium absorption

We’re all very aware of both the importance of and the benefits of calcium, but it’s no use to us if our bodies can’t absorb it. Vitamin D, however, works to enhance the absorption of calcium in the small intestine, where it eventually enters the bloodstream. From there, the calcium can be pumped around the body where it is then stored in the bones.  

Benefits of vitamin D supplements

A literal pocket full of sunshine, vitamin D supplements pack a whole variety of benefits. When you can’t rely on the weather to hit you with those bright and uplifting rays, rely on a Vitamin D supplement to put that pep in your step.

Diso Strips and Shots

At Diso, we understand the importance of maximising your opportunity for absorption when it comes to vitamins, which is why our team of experts make use of the latest Absorbatec technology to make sure your body makes the most of your supplements. We supply a deliciously tangy selection of dissolvable strips and liposomal vitamins that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. You can simply pop a strip on your tongue or sip on one of our Diso shots to feel all the benefits of vitamin D supplements. 

D3+ Shots

Our little vitamin D3 supplement is just like sipping on sunshine. Packed with vitamin D3 and a range of other natural ingredients, this handy supplement has been designed to boost your mood, support your immune system and strengthen your body. With properties supporting skin and bone health, cardiovascular health as well as boosting your brain, this Diso shot offers endless benefits to both the mind and the body. 

Diso D3+K2

Diso D3+K2 focus on making sure that you’re body has everything that it needs to make good use of all the calcium in your diet.  Without these essential vitamins, calcium can’t be absorbed into the body as efficiently. So enjoy the benefits that calcium has on your bones and teeth and make your nightly glass of warm milk worthwhile with our D3 and K2 supplement.

How long do vitamin D supplements take to work?

In the case of hormone supplements, like vitamin D, it can take weeks or even months for your body to feel the full benefits of your supplement. This is why we sell each of our Diso products in packs of 30, in order to encourage you to commit to taking your vitamins daily and gradually experiencing the results over time. Make a brand new positive habit out of Diso and reap all the benefits further down the road. 

How much Vitamin D should you take?

Look, we know our dissolvable supplements and liquid vitamins are tasty, but as with all vitamins, you don’t want to overdo it! We recommend taking just one of each Diso product that you take every single day in order to see the very best results over time.  

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of vitamin D supplements

Hopefully, our guide has answered all of your questions surrounding ‘What is vitamin D?’ and ‘What does vitamin D do?’ Take a look at our range of dissolvable and liposomal vitamins today and let’s work towards getting you the health and wellness boost that you’re looking for. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to get in touch with our brilliant team of experts. 

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