Vitamin A: The Ultimate Guide

Vitamin A: The Ultimate Guide

Apr 02, 2024Chris Parlour

If you’re rounding up your A-Team of valuable vitamins and minerals, you’re not going to want to forget the ‘jack of all trades’ that is Vitamin A. Not only does this essential vitamin boost your immunity and ward off sniffles and scratchy throats but it is also known to support your vision and reduce your chances of developing acne. 


What is Vitamin A?

Also known as ‘retinol’, Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the body. It is found in a variety of foods like green vegetables, carrots, fish oils, milk, eggs, and many, many more to support the health and wellness of your body in a whole variety of ways. It is commonly relied on for our general wellness and immunity and is often associated with strengthening our eyesight and reducing the chances of losing our vision. But what many people don’t understand is the scope of Vitamin A’s varied responsibilities and roles throughout the body. 


What does Vitamin A do?

Boosting your general health and wellness in a whole range of ways, Vitamin A offers your body a breadth of benefits in a variety of areas. So whether you’re looking to keep the opticians out of your sight or clear your chances of developing acne, make a beeline for Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is known to:

  • Strengthen our vision
  • Boost our immune system
  • Reduce our chances of developing acne


What is Vitamin A good for?

When it comes to this vitamin, it’s A*s across the board. Vitamin A is integral to a massive selection of your body’s functions but is also relied on to support a number of more specific processes. Whether it’s skin care, eyesight, or immunity, the importance of Vitamin A shouldn’t be undervalued.

Vitamin A for skin care

Vitamin A works to reduce the severity of acne by regulating the skin, shedding dead cells, and encouraging the development of newer ones. Vitamin A is also thought to reduce inflammation and decrease sebum production, factors which can contribute to the development of acne and uneven skin.

Vitamin A for eye-sight 

Whilst the whole rabbit-carrot-seeing in the dark thing isn’t entirely true, it is true that Vitamin A can boost your eyesight. Supporting the health of your retinas, Vitamin A reduces your chances of the macular degeneration that can come with age. Vitamin A thereby works to limit vision loss and reduce inflammation in the eyes.

What are the benefits of Vitamin A supplements?

We get it, not everyone is partial to a leafy green or fish oil, for that matter. So if Vitamin A doesn’t make up a decent amount of your diet, why don’t you consider trying some of our high-absorption wellness vitamins to secure those all-important A-grade vitamins?

Diso Strips

Designed with the latest Absorbatec technology, our range of dissolvable strips aims to make sure that you reap all of the benefits of your wellness vitamins. Dissolving in the mouth, these vitamins are offered immediate access to the bloodstream via the oral mucous membrane. This process means that all of your valuable vitamins can avoid degradation as they travel through the digestive system, reaching the bloodstream much more quickly and efficiently.

Diso M-Vit

Diso M-Vit is a high-absorption dissolvable strip that boasts many benefits. These multivitamin supplements are bursting with a range of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin K, C, B, and, of course, A. Supporting your immunity and all-around physical and mental wellness, Diso M-Vit is the perfect health supplement to integrate into your daily routine. Make a habit out of Diso and experience the potential benefits of taking a Vitamin A supplement every day including both clearer skin and clearer vision.


How long do Vitamin A supplements take to work?

As with most Vitamin supplements, it can take several weeks to feel the effects. This can depend on a range of factors including your size, weight, age, and the amount of Vitamin A in your diet and already stored in your liver. It's important to commit to supplementation regularly in order to enjoy all of the benefits.

How much Vitamin A should you take?

Our bodies are really good at storing Vitamin A in the liver, which is great, but that does mean that too much Vitamin A can cause trouble. Nobody wants to deal with liver toxicity or brittle bones, so it’s important not to overdo it. When it comes to our Diso M-Vit supplements, however, our experts have stuffed our strips with just the right amount of a variety of important vitamins, including Vitamin A. We sell each of our Diso Strips and Diso Shots in packs of 30 so that you can take one a day and feel the results flow in over the course of your supplementation.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of Vitamin A supplements

Hopefully, our guide has answered all of your questions surrounding Vitamin A! Take a look at our range of dissolvable and liquid vitamins today and let’s work towards getting you the health and wellness boost that you’re looking for. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to get in touch with our brilliant team of experts.

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